Keri Bernstein

Packaging Engineering Consultant

I have extensive experience designing and testing new packaging for various consumer and industrial products. Whether you aim to solve existing packaging issues or create a new design, I can help you meet your packaging needs from start to finish.

I became a Certified Packaging Professional in 2006, awarded by the Institute of Packaging Professionals.

I have experience providing the following packaging design services: 

Problem solving

  • Addressing existing packaging design issues including materials manufacturability, packaging assembly, and tac time
  • Conceptualizing and recommending packaging variations and improvements
  • Applying sustainability and cost-saving initiatives

Project coordination

  • Working with vendors to evaluate, source and produce the most appropriate and cost-effective packaging materials
  • Investigating, specifying, and justifying packaging equipment


  • Analyzing and monitoring consumer segments, channel needs, and product platforms to ensure brand positioning in the marketplace
  • Creating marketing materials


  • Creating computer renderings and physical package prototypes to help communicate and evaluate packaging design concepts
  • Creating packaging specifications, instructions, and drawings
  • Applying sustainability and cost-saving initiatives
  • Performing appropriate validation testing


  • Providing training on packaging concepts
  • Sharing packaging design best practices